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School calendars

Please use the button below to access your child's monthly school calendar. Should you have any questions about events, days off, etc., please contact the school office.


Please use the button below to access your child's monthly school lunch calendar. Please note that Little Lamb Preschool DOES NOT serve lunch and you should send in a lunch, snack and drinks daily. Should you have any questions about events, days off, etc., please contact the school office.


See what the school is up to this month! Read your child's monthly school newsletter to get more insight on what your child is learning and doing while at school!


& daily PROCEDUREs

Our staff is trained to abide by the CDC guidelines that have been put into place for the safety of our staff, children and their families upon returning home from school. Classes and shared spaces are cleaned multiple times a day, masks are worn whenever leaving a work station, and there are designated times throughout the day for the children and staff to take temperatures and wash hands. We also offer a Remote and Hybrid options for parents who are not comfortable with sending their children into school ( remote and hybrid for grades 2 through Highschool only). You can view our Covid training PDF below and contact us with questions regarding the protocol we have in place that keeps our school up and running safely! 


To make a payment for registration, tuition, lunch, etc. for a BCA student please click the button below and make a payment through our PayPal account. You will need to add what the payment is for in the "Add A Note" section. If you are paying by credit card, please ADD 4% to your payment (see example below). 

BCA is not responsible for payments that do not go through. Late fees may incur if payments are not received on time. Click here for school fees and late charge fees.

Example of Adding 4% for Credit Card Payments 

!. Your Bill Amount: $300 

2. How to add 4%: $300 multiplied by 0.04

(put in your calculator 300 x .04 = 12)

3. Add the 4%/ $12 to your bill

You Owe: $312

Please note, the 4% amount will change based on your bill amount. This is just an example.

LLPS Parents use a digital education platform known as Brightwheel. Once you have registered your child, you will receive a link to create an account. Brightwheel is used for checking your child in and out for the day as well as feeling connected to your child while they're in school. Teachers can post pictures of your child sharing with you special events and daily activities or achievements. LLPS and parents can communicate by sending and receiving notifications and messages regarding, well, anything! Brightwheel also provides parents the option for paperless and contactless payment. Once your child is enrolled at LLPS, you will receive an invitation from the school to create a profile linked to your child. The Brightwheel billing section is where you can view monthly tuition statements, one-time charges, and make payments. There is a 2.9% charge for each payment made with a credit card and a $.60 charge for each ACH transaction. Parents often use Brightwheel's billing feature benefitting from having the option of a hassle-free and guaranteed safe method of payment right at their fingertips! 

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